📣 Which way do you prefer seeing daily links to content creator's blog posts?

Add comments please, I would love to understand this dynamic from the perspective of others.

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@peter There's not an issue with posting links to your blog unless you're spamming. Be clear about what you're doing and don't do it like you're trying to market yourself, and you'll be okay.

Now, if you start acting the way a Twitter "Social Media Consultant" tells you, you'll be unfollowed and blocked immediately by most of your followers.

@lnxw37a2 I am not getting any consultant 😃 and I do not use Twitter

Just seen a post from late 2019 that explained a Content Warning could be used on photos where the eye contact can occur. I have no problems with a sudden eye contact, but apparently others do.

Since I do not understand what does not affect me directly, I wanted to know what is the best way to do self-marketing ethically. I am still not comfortable doing so, but I want to share the links to my crappy post once a day 😄

@peter none of the emoji in your handle (and 📣) show here btw

@piggo that would be correct, I was too lame to handle emojis properly in pleroma as well

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