@peter I never got the idea of unit testing. Actually I got the idea but never seen seen any reasonable implementation in practice. What I have seen was 3x more lines of testing code to test the code :-D In the end, when something failed, there were no tests for that case... Since some time I prefer to test just the final result using selenium.. or, as a true duct-tape programmer, I prefer not to do any tests, because I have no time to bother with it.. if something fails, the amount of invested time is usually lower that the time I would have needed to write all the tests.. and, in the end, it's usually just a fcking webpage, so if it does not work, the world does not end :-D

@mig well this is a PoC project for the customer that when later adopts this solution and this solution stops working, they would actually start losing money until fixed so doing thorough testing is in place.

Not that doing thorough testing is entirely possible on PoC due to budget limitations but there are still benefits to doing so from the start.

Anyway, using Cypress instead of Selenium here (on top of PHPUnit in this case).

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