every time I read a book about GNU beginnings I wonder how come I not use emacs but vim, which stems from lineage Berkeley instead

@peter I was thinking something similar a few days ago. I started with emacs as it seemed a little easier than vi, a little closer to WYSIWYG editing. Then I started using xemacs and relied a little more on its features.

Eventually though I worked on a project with remote computers with a very slow, intermittent, and high latency connection. To make quick changes to code or scripts, xemacs was not an option and emacs was a little too "heavy." From them on, always vi.

@MindOfJoe well I am not sure if I ever successfully saved any file in emacs 😄 not that it is wrong or something, it certainly was there at the birth of Free software. It's just I am using many many GNU tools apart from emacs.

And many times I only learn that what I am using is a part of GNU later, from the bottom of manpage, when looking for some command argument.

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