Does mastodon have something like "optimize cache"? I was not looking for maybe two months and my single user instance grew to 92GB!

Pleroma could do vacuum that helped a lot

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@peter what is so big? attachments? you can try to delete some old files,but still,it is stange,especially if you haven't used it for a long time.. my instance does not grow so much..

@mig the filder public/system/cache/media_attachments is responsible for the absolute bulk of the size

but I upload mostly screenshots, so it has to be some cached files server processes


try to run this as the user of the instance (with all environment variables set properly -> source the .env.production file before):

bin/tootctl media remove

(see )

I guess normally the purge happens as a sidekiq job, see also mastodon's web iface -> Settings -> Administration -> Sidekiq. Is the sidekiq running?

@mig I have seen that gist already, it is basically a cron entry for a tootctl media remove

But the overall issue is broadly discussed here btw

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