Q: What mastodon CLI clients you use and why?

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appartently, the `toot` cli tool is being used for automated toots as well



the web interface works well for my uses.

@Algot right, I also like the web interface

just exploring the possibility of automating some mastodon related tasks as an exercise

deciding between API and the CLI tool that already consumes the API

@peter i used it for that paired with fcron for a short time.

@peter There are CLI mastodon clients? Maybe I'll try one.

@peter a CLI client that does windowing with Curses or whatever may be worse for @wx1g , as a Screen-Reader understands the panes of a GUI but might not understand the column of bright box graphics characters as defining a pane. Dave will probably want a linear IRC style CLI client.

@peter @wx1g no, i haven't looked at which old IRC-type CLI clients are Mastodon compatible.

@Algot , do we qua #NatickFOSS know about CLI clients for this mastodon federation ?


Sorry, Bill. I have done no research into command line tools related to Mastodon or the fediverse in general, though I suspect there must be some.

@peter @wx1g

@Algot @n1vux @peter I remember something called Gasher for the old statusnet or identica protocols.

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