@mig well this is a PoC project for the customer that when later adopts this solution and this solution stops working, they would actually start losing money until fixed so doing thorough testing is in place.

Not that doing thorough testing is entirely possible on PoC due to budget limitations but there are still benefits to doing so from the start.

Anyway, using Cypress instead of Selenium here (on top of PHPUnit in this case).

last minute blog post, InertiaJS + Browsersync 

InertiaJS is a really impressive approach to building fullstack web applications. I've probably first heard about it in the Javascript Jabber from devchat.tv in episode 443. Adopting it was really straightforward as I had previous experiences with Laravel, TailwindCSS and Svelte (which is still my choice for front-end). Two issues I found:


@aral Well hopefully you wrote that toots bashing Mozilla from Safari :)

Anyway, while I also use FF on Linux and Android day-to-day and while I am also not that happy about the fact Mozilla is paid by Google, and I also agree that even though it is happening for many years already not that many people know about this fact, there is sadly no that else much we can do.

I reached over to you to learn if you are trying to make people aware or offering a solution. Thank you for the clarification.

@aral is there a brand new completely privacy respecting browser everyone should start using right now, or what is behind your recent activity?

"Bird feeder accepts bottle caps for food"

I mean the accidental ingenuity on both sides is fascinating

@xpil just of curiosity, have you tried doing something serious there? Two weeks seem a little bit long for "lets just test this thing"

@celia exactly, you still need a mail service for this as migadu is strictly opposed to do batch email, but I am sure you are aware of that

finally had "halušky so slaninou" for lunch again

Convert string to uppercase in bash?


echo "I am a string" | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]'

What about Unicode?

echo "jalapeño" | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]' doesn't work:


Solution: use the Unicode::Tussle library (metacpan.org/pod/Unicode::Tuss)

echo jalapeño | uc


There is also lc and tc (lower case, title case).

But beware of some edge cases. For instance Greek sigma (Σ) has two lowercase variants depending on position of the letter in a word - but lc doesn't know about it

@celia did not do detailed comparison, so maybe I am shooting into the blind, but I had good experiences with ListMonk and with their dev team too

@piggo I've had problems that are still unresolved with NC on Android as well

🙋🏻‍♀️ Work with me! @Prolific@twitter.com is looking for a front end engineer, mid or senior level. You'll be working to connect researchers with study participants on a platform that prioritises data quality and fair compensation.

✉️ Any questions? My DMs are open.


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