libinput error: client bug: timer event19 debounce short: scheduled expiry is in the past (-5ms), your system is too slow

rmmod command is similar to modprobe -r

the latter is able to do dependency checking though

I am experiencing an issue with MX Master 3 ... after suspend the mouse is not responding (need to click the bottom button three times to change the bluetooth source) and then it works.

It is like this for about a month or so, I thought some update could fix this but it is not happening. Tried any guide I could find but nothing works. It is annoying.

@alex I believe it is also written in the books by Andrew Carnegie, although there were no "send" button back then

@fedops that would perfectly match up what I have read so far. Good for you to be able to enjoy that era :)

@jase when I was using VS code, the built-in terminal was pretty good, but the limitations of WSL1 were too bad, I hated to deal with it. Now with WSL2 the situation could be much different but I had not tested it yet.

Still, I am not sure about using vim full-time on Windows. If I were writing everything in VS code, switching around would be easier.

But then, it is also easy to switch from Windows to Mac, as @kev did, if I understand that correctly

@jase well I saw this trend too a little, but then these developers use VS code anyway.

For me, two things can break:

1) Some shit happens on Arch, so my DE/mouse/display/whatever is going crazy. This is usually what drives people away, even from distributions that generally require less maintenance.

2) coc-nvim plugin changes so I have to adapt vimrc in some way to mitigate. Vim is meant to be hacked regularly and this franky does not happen too often


@fedops I am not that old to remember that, but I have that thing to read books about history of computers. Shrink-wrapped software tapes topic is something I hope to find more about in some book 🙂 thanks


@fedops can you elaborate on "shrinkwrapped unix application" a little bit please?


@kev Well, it was lengthy compared to what I usually manage to produce :)

Good for you, anyway!

@kev *does not break suddenly when the tool is needed for work.

Was the M1 partly or mostly responsible? I would love to try it out once.

@kev I mean, it made a lot of noise around, and you wrote quite lengthy article on the whole issue, citing many reasons for using windows. I believe I read through most of it.

So the Mac won in the end as a combination of UNIX world tools + does not break suddenly when.

@kev last time I remember you were ditching Linux in favor of Windows, which was very strange. Do you still use Windows for anything?

@mike @MurrayWindripper

@dumpsterqueer scripts to download YouTube or Spotify playlists as mp3 files are plenty.

Would such solution work for you?

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