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a friendly warning: eating too much beet in a short time causes ehm... trouble

Kudos to Arch Linux for having a nice web UI for searching packages and seeing their dependencies and installed files without needing to run Arch.

today's blog post, webdev 

Can someone quickly point me out to where is the best place to report the issue of missing the right dependencies?

#Audacity is dead - may I suggest #SoX as an alternative ? It's a command line tool and has all the power that comes with that. I wrote a tutorial series on how to use it a while ago.

Linux help:

I have a laptop with Ubuntu 21.04 and working WiFi. But I want to give it to my mother, and just switch out the SSD from her old laptop to this "new" one, so she won't have to get used to anything new.

But her SSD is running Zorin OS, and when I put that one into the "new" laptop the WiFi is not working…

So: Is there some wireless driver files on Ubuntu that I can copy over to the Zorin SSD to get WiFi to work? How do I find them?

Thanks a ton!



Pronunciation /kəˈmjuːnɪkeɪtə/
1 usually with adjective A person who is able to convey or exchange information, news, or ideas, especially one who is eloquent or skilled.
2 An apparatus used to exchange information between individuals, ships, planes, etc.


John realized that if he had a more modern communicator, he could be a better communicator.

For those who missed my video talking about a paper I found... Here's the recording:

It's going to be there for 15 days from now and then it's going to be automatically deleted.

We discussed the paper called:
"Classes vs. Prototypes Some Philosophical and Historical Observations"

Hope you enjoy the vid!

what is the way to display systemd service chain (taking After= into account) ?

@peter You didn't buy a solution ~ but I'm happy to donate some insight and experience :-)

Last gift for today: I believe anything you write to /etc/systemd/system/ takes precedence over what's in /lib/systemd/system/

Happy hunting!

shouldn't docker.service include iptables, not just firewalld?

Never attribute to JavaScript that which is adequately explained by witchcraft

pgadmin4 on arch broken, running via docker works

I today's blog post I express how I struggle with iptables and Docker. Is it a time to switch to podman?

something I was wanting to know for for a long time, but never searched up

Ctrl + S changes a direction in a reverse search in terminal (Ctrl + R)

Here's a little thing that may not be obvious to many people....

When you install an open-source app from Google Play or the Apple app store, there is no guarantee that what you install actually matches the public code.

@fdroidorg are doing a great service. They independently build the public source code for apps from scratch, review for common issues, and publish their builds. Thanks to "reproducible builds" it's possible to verify they do not tamper with the code.

Yet another wierd poll. Repost please
Ещё одна странная голо-совалка. Отрепостите, пожалуйста

@rf @b @ru

let's get some boosts for my boy! he's always been an endless well of positivity for me. he's going through it pretty bad right now so please just admire this beautiful boy for a sec and send him some good feels.

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