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Hm there doesn't seem to be any easy way to truncate files with #ansible?
I know I can delete, and recreate files, but I want permissions/file ownership/selinux all to be preserved.

last minute blog post, InertiaJS + Browsersync 

InertiaJS is a really impressive approach to building fullstack web applications. I've probably first heard about it in the Javascript Jabber from in episode 443. Adopting it was really straightforward as I had previous experiences with Laravel, TailwindCSS and Svelte (which is still my choice for front-end). Two issues I found:

@aral is there a brand new completely privacy respecting browser everyone should start using right now, or what is behind your recent activity?

"Bird feeder accepts bottle caps for food"

I mean the accidental ingenuity on both sides is fascinating

finally had "halušky so slaninou" for lunch again

Convert string to uppercase in bash?


echo "I am a string" | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]'

What about Unicode?

echo "jalapeño" | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]' doesn't work:


Solution: use the Unicode::Tussle library (

echo jalapeño | uc


There is also lc and tc (lower case, title case).

But beware of some edge cases. For instance Greek sigma (Σ) has two lowercase variants depending on position of the letter in a word - but lc doesn't know about it

🙋🏻‍♀️ Work with me! is looking for a front end engineer, mid or senior level. You'll be working to connect researchers with study participants on a platform that prioritises data quality and fair compensation.

✉️ Any questions? My DMs are open.

Has anyone tried to add Instagram or Bibliogram feeds to their RSS readers?
I was unable to do it! :BlobCatGoogly:​

Incidentally: if you’re looking to work with someone like me (very-senior-level hardware hacker and FPGA/USB/hypervisor expert), and you’re hiring, feel free to reach out. :)

Figuring out next steps now and will definitely take cool opportunities into consideration. 💜

@lightweight Points debated:
4 - Alleged "extinguish" card by MS and Sarah Novotny.
Emotional description aside, it is referenced in attached article that Sarah comes from Google where she championed open-source strategy for Cloud Platform. I would say that is a plus one karma point in a background check at least. MS waging war against open source - this is also wrong. It was FLOSS that waged war against the monopolistic sloth MS became, and it was FLOSS that won everywhere except desktop yet.

prettier reformatting all my code added ?> ?> ?> at the bottom of every page, a compete rebuild removed that

our government announced a vaccination lottery on a domain that does not respond at all

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